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Luxury Lodge Centennial House Taupo: The Ultimate Venue for Corporate Events and Team-Building Excellence

Centennial House Taupo stands as a top-tier destination for corporate events, renowned for its sophisticated appeal, flexibility, and bespoke service. Located within 5 acres of idyllic, park-like grounds, the venue creates a calm and motivating environment for a variety of business gatherings, including conferences, retreats, and team-building activities.


The venue offers large, adaptable spaces suitable for different event sizes. Its main lounge and adjoining conservatory provide ample room for over 40 guests, ideal for effective meetings and expansive networking sessions. Being near the Taupo International Motorsport Park, Taupo Racing Club and Taupo Gliders Club also opens up unique possibilities for team-building adventures.


Beyond traditional meeting facilities, Centennial House Taupo introduces engaging group activities designed to enhance teamwork and add an element of fun to corporate outings. Options include:

  • Murder Mystery Challenges: Participants solve a fictitious murder, enhancing team collaboration and problem-solving skills.

  • Treasure Hunts: Teams navigate the expansive grounds using clues to find hidden treasures, fostering communication and strategic thinking.

  • Escape Room Scenarios: Groups work together to decipher puzzles and unlock secrets to "escape" from a themed room setup within the venue.

  • Interactive Quizzes: Tailored trivia sessions that can be customized to include company-specific questions, promoting learning and engagement in a competitive format.

To name a few activities.


For those wishing to extend their stay, Centennial House Taupo offers luxurious accommodations. The lodge has ten elegantly furnished bedrooms, providing a serene retreat after a day filled with activities, ensuring relaxation in a sophisticated atmosphere.


About us:

Centennial House is dedicated to delivering a luxury lodging experience amidst the stunning scenery of Taupo, New Zealand. Our boutique lodge is nestled on 5 acres of picturesque grounds, featuring high-end bedrooms and modern amenities. With a focus on exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail, we promise a tranquil and luxurious stay for travellers seeking both sophistication and comfort.


Contact Centennial House:

021 912 743


Contact Phillip Quay:

Mobile: 027 458 7724





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